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Relay Fullstack

Get up and running a Relay application
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What’s Relay Fullstack ?

Relay Fullstack is a Relay scaffolding application that aims to help you get up and running a project without worrying about integrating tools. It comes with many modern technologies; Relay, GraphQL, Express, ES6/ES7, JSX, Webpack, Babel, Material Design Lite, and PostCSS. Relay Fullstack is also using Hot-reload to real time update the screen whenever any code changes.


Why Relay Fullstack is GOOD ?

Modern frameworks
Built with Relay, React, and GraphQL that make your app insanely fast and scalable
Powerful dev tools
Come with Webpack, Babel, HMR, Eslint, Autoprefix, Precss, Nodemon, and etc
Highly customizable
Designed with simplicity in mind, which allows you to easily customize to suit your needs